1-Day Course Football Braining – Raleigh


  • Date: Sunday, July 12, 2020
  • Time: 08 am – 03 pm
  • Venue: WRAL Soccer Park, 7700 Perry Creek Road, Raleigh, NC 27616
  • Early Bird registration before May 15: $199 (€180)
  • Registration after May 15: $249 (€225)

Lessons from international top coach Louis van Gaal

Dutch top coach Louis van Gaal has won many (inter)national trophies with Ajax, FC Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Manchester United. In 2014, he reached the World Cup semi-final in Brazil with the Dutch national team. As coach Van Gaal has reached the last phase of his career he is now thinking about how to leave a legacy for the next generations of coaches.

Top coaches often share their expertise with other coaches based on subjective opinions and experiences. As a result, coaches often struggle to apply this subjective information of top coaches in their own environment. Therefore, coach Van Gaal decided to try to translate his coaching knowledge and experience in more objective and reliable coaching references with the help of Raymond Verheijen.

Over the past 18 months, Van Gaal and Verheijen had ten 3-hour sessions discussing and analyzing Van Gaal’s coaching of his ten teams. The role of Raymond Verheijen was to theorize the countless coaching situations into general and objective coaching references. Theorising means the analysis of multiple similar situations to try to identify what all these situations have in common. One extrapolates the objective characteristics and leave out all subjective elements like the personality and opinion of the coach as well as the specific context. The result is an objective coaching reference.

An objective coaching reference is a coaching principle that is always true and does not depend on the coach or the context. This allows the coach to trust this information much more than the subjective experiences and anecdotes which are normally shared between coaches.

During this 1-day course, the objective coaching references of Louis van Gaal will be presented by Raymond Verheijen. During the four presentations, he will use many coaching situations in Van Gaal’s career to make the objective coaching principles come alive.

Fee includes coffee, course and certificate.

1-Hour online course for free!

Coaches who register for the 1-day course will get the online Football Theory course for free. The online course will be available in the two weeks before the 1-day course.