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Football Theory 

In many professions, the practitioners apply universal references and terminology to avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding. In football, however, coaches approach their job based on their own subjective opinions, experiences and terms. In this Football Theory course, Raymond Verheijen will educate coaches about the objective and universal football reference and language based on the characteristics of the game.

Football Tactics 

In football, communication is of the highest order. The role of tactics in football is to optimize the verbal and non-verbal communication between players and to avoid miscommunication. In this Football Tactics course, Raymond Verheijen will educate coaches to develop 1) passing exercises, 2) position games, 3) tactical games and/or 4) football fitness games for attacking, defending and transitioning within the context of multiple tactical formations.

Football Fitness 

Football fitness is the ability to execute the playing system with a high tempo for 90 minutes. Nothing more and nothing less. In this course, Raymond Verheijen will define football fitness in football language based on the analysis of the game. Next, he will educate coaches about football fitness exercises, training methods and the periodisation of football fitness exercises.

Football Periodisation 

Football Periodisation is about the planning of all football activities in the best possible way to get the maximum training effect out of each session and to avoid a loss of training quality due to accumulation of fatigue. Therefore, brain performance and in particular brain fatigue and brain recovery are fundamental principles in Football Periodisation. Coaches will get tools how to apply the latest brain science in football training at all levels and age groups.

Pre-Season Periodisation

Coaches will learn how to apply the principles of football periodisation in the specific context of pre-season. The coaches will take their own upcoming pre-season as the starting point. Every time Raymond Verheijen has explained one of the principles of football periodisation, the coaches will apply this principle in his own real-life pre-season. As a result, all coaches will leave this course with their own pre-season plan.

Youth Football Periodisation 

In the first part of this course, Raymond Verheijen and the coaches will discuss the specific external factors youth coaches are facing in their country like the climate, training pitch size, players participating in other sports, school football, etc. Within the context of those specific circumstances, the coaches will learn how to apply the principles of football periodisation. Finally, coaches will be educated about how to anticipate on more general external factors like the growth spurt, tournaments, etc.

Football Braining 

In this Football Braining module coaches will be presented the football specific psychology concept. In particular, coaches will receive communicative tools to be more precise and to-the-point when coaching the psychological aspect in football. Delegates will get coaching references to increase the demands within football training exercises and to overload (the brain of) their players. The coaches will learn how to apply the latest brain science in football training at all levels and age groups.

Individual Training

Football is a team sport so individual training does not mean training on your own isolated from your team members. The individual training of football players takes place in the team context. In this course the coaches will learn the Football Action Analysis Model as well as the methodology to coach the decision making and the execution of decisions within the team training.

Individual Periodisation

Football is a team sport but that does not mean the training load should be the same for all players. In this course the coaches will learn how to tailor the training load for individual players without compromising the quality of the team training. This course will allow coaches to develop multiple individual periodisations within the overall team periodisation.