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In every country players deserve better coaches

Every country has its own football culture. But at the end of the day, we all play the same sport with the same rules and characteristics. That is why FCE approaches football from a universal perspective. No matter the country or playing level, every player deserves a better coach. To accomplish this global mission FCE works together with local partners to serve coaches in all parts of the world.


Bart Caubergh, Belgium

Since the start in 2014, more than 1000 football coaches attended one or more courses in Belgium with Belgian and international coach educators and top coaches.
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Bruno Espalha, Portugal

FCE offers coaches an ever changing coaching environment which means they need to adapt and evolve. Raymond also challenges me to grow and think of new ideas to develop.

Engin Dinç, Turkey

A FCE course is definitely more than just football. The course quality makes you a better thinker based on the many objective references. After each course the unique concept gives you new insights in football and life in general.

Saban Uzun, Germany

In one day at an FCE course, I learned more than in all the previous C-, B- and A-License courses together. First of all about myself and then about football. That is what good coach education is about. And now, we want to help coaches in Germany to evolve and reach the next level by experiencing better coach education.

Keitaro Kawai, Japan

I firmly believe that FCE will keep contributing to the development of football in Japan. It shares unique football specific information in the various disciplines of football.

JuPyo Kim, Korea

Raymond has challenged and inspired worldwide football coaches based on objective football knowledge. In this way, Korean football can be developed with the Korean way based on the objective football reference.

Piotr Morawski, Poland

My first contact with Raymond in 2013 changed me as a person and of course as a coach. Supporting FCE to educate coaches in Poland gives me a huge amount of satisfaction. The message is unique and each course triggers a lot of self-reflection.

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Currently, we have partnerships on all continents but not yet in each country.

Improve football in your country

Make football in your country benefit from the latest developments in international football by hosting FCE courses delivered by the best football experts.

Offer chances to young coaches

Open the doors for young coaches in your country by creating opportunities for them to travel the world and meet colleagues from all other continents.

Develop an international network

Be part of an international network of FCE partners. Benefit from the FCE content for your own personal development and the growth of your business.