Football Periodisation Mentorship

International Pathway • Level 1

What will you learn?

The Mentorship is the annual 5-day event about the principles of Football Periodisation in general and Football Fitness in particular. Periodisation is the planning of all football activities to develop a top fit team without injuries. Coaches will get tools so each session will have maximum training effect and accumulation of fatigue between sessions will be avoided.

Within the context of a specific Football Tactics Periodisation Raymond Verheijen will go into detail about:

– Football Fitness characteristics,
– Football Fitness exercises,
– Football Fitness training methods,
– Football Fitness model,
– Football Fitness periodisation.

Football fitness means the ability to perform football actions more frequently (to play with a higher tempo) and for longer (as the game is 90 minutes). During the Mentorship coaches will learn how to develop these football fitness characteristics within the context of the playing style introduced earlier in the week.

After finishing the Football Periodisation Mentorship coaches will be able to develop top fit players who are able to perform any playing style with a higher tempo and for the full 90 minutes. During this Mentorship it will become clear the brain plays a crucial role when overloading players.

The 2019 edition was hosted at Cardiff City in Wales. The Football Periodisation Mentorship 2020 will take place on 25-29 May.

What will be your next step?

Coaches who have fulfilled the Football Periodisation Mentorship (level 1) are eligible to apply for the level 2 course: the Expert Meeting.

Coaches who would like to develop a deeper understanding of the specific principles of overloading the brain in football training are advised to choose the Football Braining Experience as the next step in their educational pathway.

Coaches who would like to develop a deeper understanding of playing style development in general and Football Tactics Periodisation in particular, are advised to choose the Football Tactics Evolution as the next step in their educational pathway.