Individual Training

Developing the best possible team players

Individual Training (within Team Training)

In football, communication between players is of the highest order. This verbal and non-verbal communication is trained in tactical training sessions. In such tactical training the coach teaches his players how they should work together. This tactical reference tells players WHAT they are supposed to do when attacking, defending and transitioning. However, any tactical WHAT can be executed in many different ways. This so-called HOW is the decision making of an individual player.
For example, if the team tactical reference is ‘disturbing the build-up of the opponent horizontally’ it means that players have to shift from left to right or from right to left. This is WHAT players are supposed to do. But HOW each player shifts horizontally can not be determined in advance by the coach because football is not a game of robots. The HOW of football actions in terms of position, moment, direct and speed is the responsibility of the player. It is the decision making and the execution of decisions by individual players within the team tactical reference.
The training of the decision making (game insight) and execution of decisions (football technique) by individual players is something else than developing the communication between players (tactics) but it still does take place within the context of team tactical training. In other words, it is the individual training within team training.

What will you learn?

In this course the delegates will first of all learn how to analyse football actions in detail. No superficial analysis based on general terminology but to-the-point evaluation by applying the Football Action Analysis Model. A series of training clips will be used so coaches can practice to define (in)competent football actions in terms of position, moment, direction and speed.
Next, coaches will learn how to apply this ability to analyse football actions on the pitch. During a practical session the individual training within team training will be demonstrated by Raymond Verheijen with special emphasis on the coaching of position, moment, direction and speed of football actions within the context of a specific playing style.

What is the program?

Block 1: Football Action Analysis Model (clips)
Block 2: Individual Training within Team Training: methodology
Block 3: Individual Training within Team Training: practical session
Block 4: Individual Training within Team Training: coaching football actions

What will be your next step?

After participating in the Individual Training module coaches will be eligible to register for the Level 1 courses of the Individual Pathway:
– Football Tactics Evolution;
– Football Periodisation Mentorship;
– Football Braining Experience.
The Football Tactics Evolution is the most logical progression after the Individual Training module. During this 5-day event with coaches from all around the world, delegates will learn how to apply the content of the Individual Training module in the Football Tactics Periodisation. Within a 48-week team periodisation, the delegates will be taught how to methodologically plan the development of attacking, defending and transitioning from day to day, from week to week and from month to month.