Pre-Season Periodisation

Develop a balanced planning for your own team during this course

What will you learn?

Coaches will learn how to apply the principles of football periodisation in the specific context of pre-season. The coaches will take their own upcoming pre-season as the starting point. Every time Raymond Verheijen has explained one of the principles of football periodisation, the coaches will apply this principle in his own real-life pre-season. As a result, all coaches will leave this course with their own pre-season plan.

What is the program?

Block 1. Principles of pre-season periodisation
Block 2. Country specific characteristics in football
Block 3. Developing pre-season periodisation (1)
Block 4. Developing pre-season periodisation (2)

What will be your next step?

After participating in the Pre-Season Periodisation module coaches will be eligible to register for the Football Periodisation Mentorship. This 5-day event is a Level 1 course in the FCE International Pathway. During this international course with coaches from all around the world, delegates will learn how to use the content of the Pre-Season Periodisation module to develop the team periodisation. Within a 48-week team periodisation, the delegates will learn how attacking, defending and transitioning can be developed.