The Official Guide to Coaching Youth Football


256 pages full of essential knowledge for football staff active with players ages 6-19. By the founder of the ‘Dutch Vision’ at the Royal Dutch FA (KNVB): Bert van Lingen. In cooperation with FIFA coach of the 20th century Rinus Michels.


This book covers how the game is learned and which resources coaches have at their disposal. Definitions of coaching, training and managing players will be discussed in detail.

A very important element and the basis of the youth football learning process is the description of the characteristics of the game of football and the different stages of development of youngsters. These characteristics determine the way children experience and learn the game of football. Knowledge of, and insight into these developmental characteristics enable the formulation of objectives for the football learning process. These objectives have been described extensively for each age category. It is important to mention however, that these objectives by age category do not have an absolute value and meaning. However, the sequence in the total learning process becomes clear.

The application of the theory of the objectives by age category depends on the level and quality of the youth players (the degree of available talent). Players within one age group can differ so much that one is ready to learn the content for a specific age category where the other one is not quite ready. The quality and the expertise of the coach determine if children are treated and influenced in the correct manner. The above mentioned elements realize a structure in which coaches can help develop young football players on a day to day basis.

Ultimately this book must, which coincidentally has 11 chapters, help further develop coaches and everyone else involved in the learning process of young football players, with the goal to better help children learn to play the game of football.

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  • Subtitle: The youth football learning process for players ages 6 – 19
  • Author(s): Bert van Lingen
  • Language: English
  • Product details: 256 pages, Paperback
  • ISBN13: 9789491745058
  • Published: June 7, 2016
  • Publisher: World Football Academy

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