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Marcus Walfridson (Sweden)

I have attended FCE courses ever since 2014 and it has truly been a life changing experience. It has been vital in my development not only as a coach but also as a human being. FCE delivers a higher level of coach education that is not available anywhere else.


Bart Caubergh (Belgium)

A FCE course is a great opportunity for coaches who want to invest in self development. Individual development guided by the coaching of Raymond Verheijen who creates unique situations for the delegates to deal with. Intensive course days in a safe environment.


Jamie Hutchinson (USA)

During the FCE courses you learn how to apply coaching tools in all circumstances. Raymond helps delegates on an individual level, so maximum learning effect is achieved.



Eugene Lawrenz (Australia)

The Mentorship, Expert Meeting Personal Development Course inspired me to reflect on how to become a better person. It was a life changing experience that I am still benefitting from today


Johanna Bergman (Sweden)

The experience of a FCE course has reflection at its core and it helped me going from filtering my weaknesses to understand them and learn how to make use of that knowledge and develop as a coach hence being better equipped to develop players.


Theodoros Kechaidis (Greece)

The FCE courses have been one of the highest learning experiences I had until now in my life. Raymond showed me very practical tools to understand what drives me and the people around me. For me, it’s a certain I will do a FCE course again.


Lucas Gonzalez (Colombia)

A FCE course is an intense event that forces you to grow. Raymond, with his brilliant approach, puts you in uncomfortable situations where you must learn how to deal with yourself. It’s the gold standard of coach education.